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Custom Designs | Custom Measuring Forms | Submission Guidelines

Custom Design Project: $200 total order
(including Design Time & Material)
Hourly Custom Design Charge: $65/hour

Yes! We can create custom Modello designs from your submitted original, public domain or copyright-free art. We`ll work closely with you to create a custom pattern or design from your artwork that fits your needs perfectly-large or small.

How? We can work from many different types of art: original-art, copyright-free design books, line drawings, fabric sample inspiration, etc. Modello patterns can be created for almost any type of design. Unlike stencils, adhesive Modellos can be created without the necessity of cutting the lines of the design up with connecting "bridges"-opening up MANY new pattern possibilities!

How Much? That depends on a variety of factors. Our talented graphic specialists are also fast and efficient and will be happy to provide a ballpark estimate before beginning your order. You`ll find that the cost to create a custom pattern is quite reasonable and turn-around time for art approval is generally under one week.

The custom ceiling pattern for the hallway shown above was created to fit this space perfectly: 40" wide by 10` long. The pattern was applied in one long piece and then stenciled with pure colorants to mimic stain. The time it took the artist and her assistant to install the Modello and complete the stenciling? Under one hour.

We`d be happy to discuss your art and project needs with you. Please read over the submission guidelines by clicking on the link at the top of the page. If you have additional questions, please contact our Custom Design Department, at custom@modellodesigns.com or by calling 1.800.663.3860.

Custom Designs | Custom Measuring Forms | Submission Guidelines