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Our Virtual Workshops are currently unavailable as we undertake an exciting new website redesign that includes a new improved Virtual Workshop delivery.

Stay tuned for our Virtual Workshop return, along with some brand new classes for you!


Our exclusive Virtual Workshops offer at-home, online training with Melanie Royals in cutting edge stenciling and decorative painting techniques. Hundreds of students have benefited from these courses so far and the response has been GREAT! Read what some former students have to say here.

Skip the airfare, hotel costs, and schedule interruptions while you enjoy studying at home on YOUR OWN TIME.

Virtual Workshops allow you to learn profitable new techniques in the comfort of your own home or studio. NOW! Save the time and expense of traveling to San Diego while still enjoying the expertise, excellence, and innovative finishes that Melanie Royals brings to her popular classes with our exclusive Virtual Workshops.

Virtual Workshops are designed to parallel, and even EXCEED the learning experiences of a more costly studio workshop. You can review the extensive recorded course material as necessary, AT ANY TIME!

Patterned Mirror and Glass





Foilin  Around




Stencil Impressions