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The Modello Design Revolution )
The Cutting Edge and Beyond March 2006
in this issue
  • Introducing our Latest Additions
  • Flash Gilding with Micas and Modellos
  • Glass with Class
  • Tools and Gilding Supplies
  • Hands-On Training
  • Save Time and Money with Standard Sizes
  • Customer Showcase

  • Greetings!

    Modello Designs is leading the industry with the most advanced and innovative approach to surface decoration with our exclusive Decorative Masking Patterns! We pride ourselves on our custom design capabilities and our commitment to customer service. As we strive to continually expand our products and services we are pleased to present a new round of products, patterns and ideas for your next project!

    Introducing our Latest Additions

    Our Design Library is being constantly updated with new designs and new collections. We've just uploaded a wide range of new patterns from Native American designs to allover patterns and panels to ornate medallions.

    Find all of our latest patterns in the New Additions area of our online Design Library. Be sure to page through all of the different subgroups: Centers, Corners, Motifs, etc.

    Flash Gilding with Micas and Modellos

    Modellos are the ideal medium to use with all types of gilding techniques whether on walls, glass or wood. Complicated looks can be easily accomplished and even the most intricate designs come out perfectly. Flash gilding with gold leaf size and Mica Powders is a great way to expand your metallic color options and can be used alone or combined with other leaf techniques.

    Glass with Class

    Mirrors and glass provide the perfect opportunity for personalization with Modello patterns. Gilding on glass is surprisingly easy and this technique shows you the basic steps and some interesting options.

    Tools and Gilding Supplies

    We have stocked our online Modello Store with a selection of products and tools that you can purchase for help with your next project: Gold leaf, Schaibin and Tamise flakes, trowels, tools and waxes.

    Hands-On Training

    Our Modello Workshops here in our San Diego Studios have been selling out quickly. Don't miss the chance to learn the latest Modello techniques from Melanie Royals while creating beautiful samples that will enhance your portfolio and help to sell elegant design into your next jobs.

    We also have some exciting upcoming guest instructors as well, including the talented Gary Lord from Prismatic Painting Studios and offer an in depth class on SkimStone/Modellos.

    Save Time and Money with Standard Sizes

    The key to our success so far has been our custom sizing and designing capabilities. Many of you want to now use Modellos because the masking medium offers such a broader range of technique options.

    To serve your needs we are offering a range of popular patterns in standard sizes at reduced pricing. Shop for Modellos directly in our Store and choose from standard-sized Medallions, complete Ceiling Sets, Carpet and Panel Patterns, and more. Check back often as we will be adding more in the coming months.

    Customer Showcase

    As always, we love to showcase the work of our talented and creative customers. Please enjoy browsing through our Showcase area where we have created a special area just for our customer's latest work. If you would like to see your work up there, please feel free to email us photos and descriptions.