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Any place you can decorate with a textural or painted finish can now be treated to a custom tile finish without the hassle of measuring, marking and laying out tape. Offered in four standard sizes at economical pricing, simply add your own artistry with color and your favorite textural material to create a custom, one-of-a-kind finish.

Use it with textural products such as concrete micro-toppings, SkimStoneŇ and “stone-like” plasters to create a dimensional effect that can be colored integrally (color within the product) or selectively by applying various colors through stain or paint after troweling.

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Grout line widths vary with the width of the designs:

6”   equals 1/8” grout

8”   equals 3/16” grout

10” equals 1/4” grout

 Marquetry Weed 

Item# Description Price Qty
Deco113-6  6" high x 5' repeat, 4 mil Deco Blue  $22.42
Deco113-8  8" high x 5' repeat, 4 mil Deco Blue  $24.78
Deco113-10  10" high x 5' repeat, 4 mil Deco Blue  $29.50
DecoSq113-6  6" x 6" design, 4 mil Deco Blue  $14.75
DecoSq113-8  8" x 8" design, 4 mil Deco Blue  $16.52
DecoSq113-10  10" x 10" design, 4 mil Deco Blue  $25.96