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Modello Applique Color Chart











We now offer Modello patterns in 20 gorgeous colors for Modello Applique. Rather than use the pattern as a masking tool for applying decorative effects, you can now "Applique" your designs directly onto your surface.

Our Modello Applique Color Chart features actual 1" x 1" vinyl material samples in a range of 17 matte colors and 3 metallics. Use it to select colors for your interior design project.

This 3 mil vinyl material features a low tack adhesive that allows you to apply it to any smooth surface for safe removal for up to 3 years. Perfect for renters and other less-than-permanent applications!

Designs cut from our Modello Applique Material will be priced according to our standard Design Level pricing for 4mil materials. An additional 25% upcharge will be applied to patterns cut from colored Applique Materials.

Note: This item will ship separately via priority mail.

Item# Description Price Qty
AppliqueChart  Modello Applique Color Chart - Includes Shipping  $10.00